What’s up, Wednesday 7/17

Oh, what a wonderful vacation so far!! We started Sunday in NYC and Hamilton was AMAZING!!! We’ve been at the beach since Monday morning.

  • It’s so hot. Even with the sea breeze. The water feels delightful though!
  • I’ve eaten too much ice cream. Lol.
  • My husband is super hot.
  • It’s nice to be away from the world for a few days and not thinking about work.
  • Our hotel bed is the worst!! Small, hard and scratchy sheets. I miss our nice squishy king bed at home.

So, what’s up with you?

What’s up, Wednesday 7/10

Whats up! Ok, I know it’s Thursday, but Wednesday was just too busy to post!

  • Only 10 hours stand between me and vacation.
  • I’ve been working late all week on t-shirts and I’m super tired.
  • Last night I helped my 18 year old get his room back in order. He was so overwhelmed and was living with tubs from his dorm room in there. He will think much clearer now.
  • I can’t wait for Hamilton on Sunday in NYC!!
  • I’m excited to share my Arbonne goodies with friends tomorrow night!!

What’s up with you, friends?

Weekly Menu 7/8


We have a very busy week ahead and then VACATION!  I’m so excited to get away with my love and relax!  Here’s what we’re eating this week:

Monday – Tacos!

Tuesday – Steak, vegetable and potato wedges

Wednesday: grilled chicken salads

Thursday: GF chicken tenders and sweet potato tots

Friday: appetizers and margaritas. I’m hosting a Makeup, Massage and Margaritas party!

What’s on your menu this week?


What’s up, Wednesday? 7/3


I can’t believe that it’s Wednesday already!  This short week has flown by. Being super busy at work helps that!  So, What’s up, Wednesday?

  • I’m excited for a 4 day weekend and celebrating Independence Day and my favorite uncle’s birthday!  Love family get together’s!
  • We’re having a crab feast on Saturday!  Fresh crabs, shrimp, corn and beer.  Yum!
  • Friday I hope to get some serious jewelry making done!
  • I’m excited for all of the fun plans that we have coming up!  Hamilton in NYC next weekend, Beach vacation week, family reunion, family vacation weekends.

So, what’s up with YOU this Wednesday?


What’s up, Wednesday? 6/26

Hey, hey! It’s another Wednesday, so what’s up??

  • Summer school has taken over my life this week. I’ve been working long hours and have been completely overwhelmed. It looks like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel though.
  • Friday schedule means fridays off. Woot! This week I plan on doing a fun outdoor aqua Zumba class at the gym and surprising my uncle at the bowling alley.
  • I’m tired. Like, completely mentally and physical exhausted to the point that my body aches.
  • I’m counting down to our beach vacation on two weeks. An entire week of sun and sand and my hubs. Glorious!

Tell me what’s up with you!