Woohoo!!  We made it to FriYay, y’all!!  I’m so excited to pick up Josh tonight from college!  My baby is coming home!!  I have a few projects to finish up tonight for tomorrow’s show.  Tomorrow is our last show of the Christmas season.  I’m taking tons of jewelry, aprons, potholders and a few reverse canvas signs.  I’m ready for it to be over, so I can actually relax.  I think all of this stress and constant working is making me sick.  I started coming down with a sore throat last night and today my throat and ears hurt.  Boooooo.  Of course, I’ll start my personal projects on Sunday.  LOL!  We will finally decorate our tree on Sunday too!!  It’s time to get into the holiday spirit.  I’m usually set up the weekend after Thanksgiving.

I hope you all have a great day and weekend!!!


Gym Life

The hubs and I switched gyms this month.  We had been attending an expensive health club, but with how busy life has been (ok, we’ve been lazy!) we hadn’t been utilizing it to the fullest.  It was really expensive, $160 per month.  Aaron didn’t really like the pool because it was always crowded.  I loved the classes, but they were always so late that it took away our time together in the evenings.  Hey, we still like being together all the time. Give us a few years.  LOL!

I did some research on the YMCA, and we decided to join.  I had been a member when Josh was younger, but it’s had a face lift and is so much nicer now.  The best part, it’s HALF of what we were spending!  Heck yeah!  Plus, there are classes every day at 4:30pm!  I can get my workout done and be home around the same time that Aaron is.  Love that!


I love the Les Mills brand of classes.  Body Combat is my absolute favorite!  Nothing like a little kickboxing to get rid of your daily stress.  Body Attack, Body Pump, Sprint…I love them all!

Aaron and I worked out for the first time last night at a gym.  Usually we do our own workouts, as he likes to swim and I like to feed off others energies in classes.  Or we walk outside together.  We worked out on the elliptical machines last night, side by side, on the same workout setting.  It was nice!  Hopefully we’ll fit in time each week to work out together.  The couple who gets fit together and all that.

What does your gym routine look like?  Are you a daily grinder or 4-5 days a week?  What’s your favorite workout? I want to know!!



What Day Is It, Again?

To say life has been busy lately is an understatement!  My sweet mama had surgery on November 30 to repair a tendon in her foot.  The woman who never sits still is non-weight bearing and no driving.  She has been such a trooper!  I’ve been helping her with things she needs, filling orders for Morning Glory and getting ready for a show this week weekend.  Our last show of the season is on Saturday.  I am hoping all goes well.  I think this will be the biggest show I’ve done.  It’s to raise funds for a high school marching band.  I was a marching band mama myself, so I’m making marching band bracelets and t-shirts, plus my regular inventory.  I’m excited, but also ready for a break.  After the show I’ll be focusing on Christmas!!!  I have gifts I want to make and gifts that need wrapped.

Josh comes home Friday night from school!!  We get him for 7 whole weeks!!!  This mama is so excited….except for the fact that I know the house won’t stay as clean as it has.  Ha!  Hurricane Josh is coming home!  I’m ready to slow down and enjoy my family for the last few weeks of the year.  We haven’t even decorated the tree yet!  We went to get our trees as a family this past Sunday.  We picked Josh up for the day and then took him back.  I’ve never had an empty tree in my living room for longer than 10 minutes, so it’s bugging me.  Between work, gym, crafting, grocery shopping, etc there just hasn’t been time!!  So here it sits.56607629640__369c8e6f-c4c8-4b4a-8125-3357a128bdb8

Here are a few cute items I have going on for Morning Glory.  I’ve been selling pretty consistently!

Here are a few pics from our last show, too!

Hope you are all enjoying this holiday season!!!


Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

So, over the past two weeks I’ve told you my absolute favorite Arbonne products, but I could have kept going!  The eyeliner, eye shadows, lip balms, glosses and sticks.  The protein and fiber.  The one week cleanse.  The essential oil blends.  I love it all and USE it all.  Excellent ideas for stocking stuffers from Arbonne!

Check out what we have to offer and I promise you’ll be happy with your choices.


Day 12 of Lori’s 12 Days of Arbonne Favorite Things


I saved my FAVORITE product for last.  These little sticks of pure joy give me energy, help with headaches, help my focus and taste amazing!!!  I drink one every morning with a digestion plus, and one early afternoon in one of my 3 32oz waters.  Sometimes I’ll add one to a detox tea (a tizzy!), sometimes I’ll add one to a shake if I’m having one (I stick to latte’s and muffins for my protein).  There are 3 flavors: Citrus, Pomegranate and Blackberry.  The seasonal flavor right now is Green Apple.  Blackberry is my absolute favorite!!!!

This effervescent drink contains select botanicals of green tea, guarana and ginseng and as well as B vitamins and chromium.  It does not give me heart palpitations like too much caffeine or other “energy boosters”.  I just feel energized and ready to tackle my day!

Sip, Sip, y’all!!


Day 11 of Lori’s 12 Days of Arbonne Favorite Things

day 11

Beauty is only skin deep, so make the most of it. This device gently warms at the tip while massaging product onto the outer layers of the skin. With just one addition to your daily regimen, you can experience enhanced results from your favorite products and uncover amazing, renewed skin. For use on the face and neck where topical skincare products can be applied. Now that’s pretty smart.

This tool was a little out of my budget when I first saw it.  My friend Kara brought it to an open house I was having for vendors at my house.  She pulled me aside and mentioned she had something that would help my jiggly wobble under my chin.  Ok, she said it very nicely, she didn’t call it my wobble.  LOL!  So, she had me apply the Re9 serum to only one side of my wobble, and leave the other side.  We then used the genius to “massage” the serum in.  The end result had me laughing so hard.  I only had HALF a wobble!!  WHAAT???  I don’t care how much this little baby costs, it was mine.  Sometimes the price of self esteem is worth it, y’all.  I mean, I could IRON the loose skin away???  Hell yes, I was all about that!  Now, while I don’t use it every day (I’m hella lazy), I do try to use it a couple of days a week.  Usually when I wash my face before bed and slather with moisturizer (I like the Arbonne Calm Daily Moisturizer).

I give this product ***** 5/5 stars.  It’s definitely a GENIUS!!


Day 10 of Lori’s 12 Days of Arbonne Favorite Things


The highlight of your day. Our dual ended, multi-purpose highlight stick accentuates and defines your best features. This silky duo glides gently over foundation adding radiance without streaking your makeup. Use Pearl to highlight and Bronze to give you an effortless glow.

This stuff is so awesome!!!!!  I love a good highlighter.  I have a few powder palettes, but this stick is my favorite!!  It’s a two in one stick, so you can use one side to shade and one to highlight!  The pearly look is so pretty!  I like to use it between my brows, down the bridge of my nose and the point of my chin.

You glow girl!


Day 9 of Lori’s 12 Days of Arbonne Favorite Things


Have a brush with greatness. Our specially designed brushes give you all the tools to create the perfect beauty look. You’ll love their super-soft feel and natural wood handles – plus they come in a chic canvas case with a pocket for makeup extras. Six brushes: Liquid Foundation, Powder, All Over Eye, Shading, Slant and Cheek.

I love makeup brushes, I really do!  These brushes from Arbonne feel so good against my skin.  That sounds weird, but I’m serious!  I used to use one big brush for everything…gross.  I love my new collection and take extra good care of them.  Don’t forget to clean your brushes often!  You’re already using Arbonne cosmetics and skin care to take care of your skin without harmful toxins, don’t let dirty brushes contaminate your skin!


Day 8 of Lori’s 12 Days of Arbonne Favorite Things


Create some solar flair. Our silky-light powder creates the look of glowing cheeks and brow bones. Brushes on evenly for a flawless-looking finish.

I think everyone looks better with a little bronzer!  I sweep mine from my hair line, under my cheek bones and to my jaw line in the shape of 3 or E.  It just defines things a little nicer!  I’ve been using Arbonne bronzer for over 10 years, when it used to come in a huge compact.  Best stuff EVER!!!!


Day 7 of Lori’s 12 Days of Arbonne Favorite Things


I LOVE this mascara!!!  Life is an epic tale – start telling it with your eyes. High-performance lengthening mascara helps create the look of ultra-dramatic lashes with major longitude. Clinically tested and formulated to be water-resistant and longwearing.

I did not wear mascara for a long time.  I hated how it clumped on my lashes and would run by the end of the day.  This mascara does NEITHER!!  I never get clumps on my lashes and it seriously lasts all day and night!  I love how it showcases my eyes, which is hard to do when you wear glasses!  This will definitely be making an appearance in my gifts to family this year!