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November, already??

This year has seriously flown by!  I can’t believe we’re already approaching the holiday season.  Today I want to talk about Thanksgiving!  My normal tradition was with my entire family at my mom’s house.  She and I would prepare the entire meal, including desserts, and her sisters and their families would join us.  We usually have at least 15-22 people for the holiday!  Since Aaron and I married, last year we started a new tradition.  We go to BOTH families for the day.  Last year we went to his families for dinner (with 30+ of his family members!) and then back to my mom’s for dessert.  Since we live next door to my mom, we got to enjoy plenty of leftovers the week after.


So, what do we serve?

At my mom’s we have roasted turkey (or 2), stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, corn, coleslaw, Hawaiian rolls and deviled eggs.  For dessert…omg…pumpkin, apple, coconut cream pies and usually a cheesecake and cookies.  It’s insanity and I love it!!!

At Aaron’s family, we have turkey, corn casserole, regular and gluten free stuffing, mashed potatoes and some other veggie dishes.

Both homes have amazingly delicious foods and I cannot wait!!  I’m pretty good about not overindulging, since we have leftovers for days.  I will allow myself a piece of coconut and pumpkin pie though, as my mom makes both in a sugar free version for me, since I can’t have sugar.

To me, it’s more about WHO is around the table, and not what’s on it.  I love seeing my aunts and cousins.  I’ve actually had asthma attacks from laughing so hard.  How does that even happen!?  I’m also loving getting to know Aaron’s cousins and family.  His cousins are really awesome and I’m so happy to have them in my life.  Our holidays may be different, but they are even better.  Not only do I have this amazing man by my side, but also his amazing family.  I’m so truly blessed.

What’s on your Thanksgiving menu?  Do you stick to traditional foods or go all out in a different direction?  I know some friends have ethnic dishes along with their traditional fare.  Tell me!  I love to hear about other traditions!!

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5 thoughts on “November, already??

  1. What a fun tradition!! Before my grandma (mom’s mom) passed away we would have dinner at her house and lunch at my dad’s mom’s house. Now we all gather together at my aunt’s house. We have a pretty big family so it’s usually a lot of fun. After eating, some of us women grab our Black Friday ads and get busy planning our shopping trip for the next day! It’s a lot of fun. 🙂

    1. My mom and I head out at 5am on Black Friday. It seems to be the time that the early shoppers are taking their breaks. Lol

  2. Your Mom’s dinner sounds just like what I grew up having for Thanksgiving, minus the cheesecake. It’s so nice you live next door to your mom. <3

    1. We live on a back road on private property. I have my mom to my left and my brother, sil and niece to my right!! I love seeing them daily!

      1. Oh, how wonderful for you!

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