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Another Long Weekend!

Good Morning!!  We had another long weekend full of wonderful times, and a little sadness.

Saturday was the Run for the Stripes for World NET Cancer Awareness.  Aaron and I were blessed to have his siblings join us for the walk!  It was cold, but still a nice time.  We followed up our exercise with a yummy breakfast at Sabrina’s Cafe in Philadelphia.

From there, we headed straight to West Chester to cheer on Josh in his first Fencing tournament.  It was really fun to watch and we learned a lot of new fencing terms!  My kid had a smile on his face all day!  College looks good on him.

Sunday I planned to work in my studio all day.  Making t-shirts, signs, etc for my upcoming shows.  I woke up to a text from my bestie that her mom was in the hospital.  Aaron and I offered to take the girls for the day to help out.  We picked them up, went to breakfast and then home to do some crafting.  Each girl designed her own shirt and then we cuddled up to watch “Gnome Alone.”  I love spending time with my sweet girls!!!

Yesterday, Aaron and I were both off to recognize Veteran’s Day.  We made breakfast together at home and then headed to the mall.  My iPhone x had another display issue, so they replaced the display for me.  Aaron and I walked around the mall for the hour and a half that they had it and did a little shopping.  Next was our weekly trip to the grocery store.  We had a nice day spent together.

Happy Veteran’s Day to all who have served and who are serving, including our grandfathers and my cousins.


Until next time!


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