Day 1 of Lori’s 12 Days of Arbonne Favorite Things

day 1

Oh my goodness, you guys!  I literally could not live without my digestion plus!!!  Since I’ve been taking it (for months now!) my anxiety has calmed down, I generally feel better and ummm… ibs(c) has calmed down.  It’s seriously a miracle worker!!  It tastes horrible, so I mix a tube with a yummy fizzy as soon as I wake up and chug it down.  The fizzy energizes me, the digestion plus heals me from the inside and I’m getting in 16oz of water before 6am. I’ve also been lucky enough to fight off all of the seasons illnesses around me.  Even the one a month or two ago that was sharing a bed with me.  lol  Again, miracle worker!!!

Lori + DigestionPlus = Forever


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