Jury Duty


My once every few years letter to report to Jury Duty arrived a few weeks ago.  My first thought when I received the letter was UGGHHHHHHH!!!  No phones, no kindle, no technology!  What ever would I do!?

Yesterday was the day.  It was a coooooold, windy day and silly me forgot a coat.  WHAT!?  I’m used to getting in my car in the garage with the seats and heater blasting on high and pulling up to my office door.  Yes, I really am spoiled.  Even then, I usually have on a coat because I’m ALWAYS FREEZING!  Ever since an incident in the courthouse lobby a few years ago, they no longer allow jurors to wait inside.  I waited in my car until the absolute last second and then walked out to wait in the line that was now wrapped around the block.  It took me an hour to warm myself back up!

Thankfully they did not have any trials that needed a jury, so none of us were called to a court room.  I did not have any technology available, but I did have my planner and a book.  I read almost the entire book “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” by Mindy Kaling.  That chic is freaking hilarious!!

Anyway, they let us go at noon.  Woohoo!!  I went home, took a nap and then worked on some crafts for this weekends show.  All in all, it wasn’t a bad day!!

What do you do to occupy you while on jury duty?  Read, write, stare at all the weirdos there with you?  Let me know!!



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