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Day 3 of Lori’s 12 Days of Arbonne Favorite Things


Today I want to showcase the Re9 Intensive Renewal Serum.  This has been a favorite of mine for years.  My skin has always had issues.  Blemishes, sun spots, redness.  This serum is like an eraser!  Seriously, it takes my redness away instantly and makes my skin look and feel so healthy!

One of the side effects of losing 100+ pounds is saggy skin.  I guess my double chin was full for so long, that I now have a wobble at 41 years old.  UGH!  Re9 Serum plus the genius ultra (to be featured later on in my favorites!) tightens up that skin!  It’s like starch and an iron FOR YOUR FACE!  Yeah, I’m totally serious!

Ok, now that I just admitted that I have a chin wobble, my face is red again and I must sign off.


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