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Day 9 of Lori’s 12 Days of Arbonne Favorite Things


Have a brush with greatness. Our specially designed brushes give you all the tools to create the perfect beauty look. You’ll love their super-soft feel and natural wood handles – plus they come in a chic canvas case with a pocket for makeup extras. Six brushes: Liquid Foundation, Powder, All Over Eye, Shading, Slant and Cheek.

I love makeup brushes, I really do!  These brushes from Arbonne feel so good against my skin.  That sounds weird, but I’m serious!  I used to use one big brush for everything…gross.  I love my new collection and take extra good care of them.  Don’t forget to clean your brushes often!  You’re already using Arbonne cosmetics and skin care to take care of your skin without harmful toxins, don’t let dirty brushes contaminate your skin!


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