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Gym Life

The hubs and I switched gyms this month.  We had been attending an expensive health club, but with how busy life has been (ok, we’ve been lazy!) we hadn’t been utilizing it to the fullest.  It was really expensive, $160 per month.  Aaron didn’t really like the pool because it was always crowded.  I loved the classes, but they were always so late that it took away our time together in the evenings.  Hey, we still like being together all the time. Give us a few years.  LOL!

I did some research on the YMCA, and we decided to join.  I had been a member when Josh was younger, but it’s had a face lift and is so much nicer now.  The best part, it’s HALF of what we were spending!  Heck yeah!  Plus, there are classes every day at 4:30pm!  I can get my workout done and be home around the same time that Aaron is.  Love that!


I love the Les Mills brand of classes.  Body Combat is my absolute favorite!  Nothing like a little kickboxing to get rid of your daily stress.  Body Attack, Body Pump, Sprint…I love them all!

Aaron and I worked out for the first time last night at a gym.  Usually we do our own workouts, as he likes to swim and I like to feed off others energies in classes.  Or we walk outside together.  We worked out on the elliptical machines last night, side by side, on the same workout setting.  It was nice!  Hopefully we’ll fit in time each week to work out together.  The couple who gets fit together and all that.

What does your gym routine look like?  Are you a daily grinder or 4-5 days a week?  What’s your favorite workout? I want to know!!



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