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Weekly Meal Planning

Happy Sunday!!  Hope you have enjoyed your weekend, I know that I have.  Yesterday I slept in until 8:30am, went to (healthy) lunch and to the movies with the hubs (Mary Poppins was totally adorable!) and spent an hour and a half wandering around the grocery store with lists from 4 different people!!  Today we’re finally taking down the Christmas tree and watching football.  No plans are the best plans for homebodies!  🙂

I’m currently smelling turkey sweet potato chili with black beans cooking for lunches, and I just finished prepping chicken salad from a rotisserie chicken we had for dinner last night.  I’m totally one of those people who spends $200 at the grocery store and then doesn’t feel like cooking.  Josh is home for another two weeks, so the grocery bill is a bit higher than normal!  Aaron and I are creatures of habit and have mainly the same foods for breakfast and lunch every day.  We both have protein muffins for breakfast and fruit for snack.  He has a lunch meat sandwich and veggie chips for lunch and I have salad or soup/chili.  Here’s our dinner plans for the work week:

Monday:  Chicken Enchiladas and rice

Tuesday: Crockpot roast with carrots and onions, and roasted potatoes

Wednesday:  Fend for yourself night!  Aaron has dinner plans with his BFF and I’ll have leftovers after the gym, since I’m going to the Rachel Hollis documentary with girlfriends!  SO EXCITED!!

Thursday: Shrimp and Scallop Teriyaki with Josh’s homemade fried rice.

Friday:  Out to dinner for Aaron’s dads birthday.  An Italian spot.  Since I don’t eat gluten or dairy, I’ll have the filet and veggies.

Tonight is family dinner at my mom’s and I haven’t planned for next weekend.

What’s on your menu???  Let me know in the comments!

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