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Fitness Review Friday 1/3


Is it Friday?  It feels like Tuesday, which is really tripping me out!  I’ve been on vacation since 12/20, and came back to work yesterday.  I needed my routine back!!  I had taken a lazy holiday break from working out.  I know, I know, I’m only hurting myself!  My husband completed his 100th ride on the Peloton and I should have been right there with him.  I’m so proud of his commitment, he inspires me to get back to it.

I started the new year with a ride for a friend’s 100th and then yesterday I did a bunch of short rides strung together.  Some low impact rides with a hard climb in between.  Today I’ll do a 20 minute ride and then work on arm and shoulder strength and core.  Tomorrow I’m going to use the app to do a treadmill work out and Sunday I’ll do yoga and foam roll.

Anyone else pulling themselves out of a work out funk and restarting?  What are you doing?  Let’s motivate each other!!

xoxo, L

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