Arbonne: Pure, Safe, Beneficial

I started my journey to healthy living in 2016. I was so tired of being sick and tired! Healthy eating, exercise and Arbonne have been the key for me. Removing the foods from my diet that cause inflammation has been a life saver!! I feel better than I can ever remember. It’s not all about the weight. I have more energy, the bloating and swelling is gone and even my skin is better. Most days I don’t even wear makeup anymore!! Of course when I do, it’s also arbonne because I don’t want toxins on my skin either!


I’ve really been having fun with the 30 day program this round.  I’ve been experimenting with recipes and really listening to my body.  My new favorites are chai or mocha “lattes”, chocolate protein muffins topped with sunflower butter and pumpkin spice protein balls.  It doesn’t have to be all protein shakes.  I’m so satisfied and I just FEEL better.  I used to have to nap every day after work, just to make until 8-9pm when it was an acceptable bed time.  No naps in weeks and I’m moving so much more.  This program truly is life changing.

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