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Updated Studio!

At the beginning of the year, Aaron and I moved my studio/home office downstairs to the basement to make the room into a nursery.  It was a lot of work, with big heavy furniture and TONS of supplies and files, etc.  I created an adorable nursery, painted the walls a pretty gray and adored the new space.  As I said in another blog, we decided to end our foster to adoption journey a few months ago.  So this past weekend, while Aaron was working, I took apart the crib and moved all of the baby stuff downstairs to await it’s new owner.  I bought new, lighter furniture, and am absolutely LOVING my new space!  I’m working on a gallery wall and more space for displaying my jewelry.  I kept the nursery sign that I had made and the adventure rug, since my business is an adventure that I’m working on!  Plus it’s really soft, and sometimes I like to lay on the floor to create.  Aaron tried to snap a picture of that this weekend, but I threatened him.  LOL!  Tell me what you think!




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Aaron and I were married in May, 2017 and spent our honeymoon in Johns Hopkins hospital while Aaron underwent surgery to remove a Pancreatic NeurEndocrine Tumor (which was a success!).  After he was healed we tried, unsuccessfully, to have a baby.  It’s much harder at 40 to get pregnant and we explored all options before moving to foster care and adoption.  We spent about 8 months on training and certification and creating a new nursery, before deciding not to proceed.  Aaron’s health is good, but we have to keep it that way.  His spleen was removed during his surgery and he is way more susceptible to illness than before.  Our 18 year old left for college and our 11 year old bulldog had to be helped over the rainbow bridge and our lives were kind of at an impasse.  What else is there to do, but FINALLY plan our honeymoon.  We’ve taken a few trips here and there, to Rehoboth Beach, Ocean City beach, Maryland and a weekend in Philadelphia, but we wanted a REAL honeymoon.

One week from today we will be heading to Secrets St. James Montego Bay!!  We are so excited to be able to rest, unwind and enjoy everything that the resort has to offer.  Snorkeling?  YES!  Stand up paddleboarding?  Please!!  Unlimited food and drinks?  Well, in moderation.  We are working on a healthy future!

Where is your favorite place to vacation?  We’re already looking for our next getaway.  I’m thinking of an East Coast tour of bed and breakfasts.  Doesn’t that sound romantic??