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It’s Holiday Season!

Hello!!  It’s always so hard to come back to work after an extended weekend.  I was off work for 5 glorious days, and I’m feeling it this morning!

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving??  Ours was absolutely lovely, and filled with family, food and fun!  Thursday we were able to spend time with both of our families and filled our bellies a little too much.  It was worth it!!

Friday my mom and my bestie and I headed out to the mall by 4am.  This year was a little different though, as the kids were all awake and came with us!!  Josh, Ava and my cousin Breanna joined us and split off as soon as we arrived.  We gave them some cash and said, “Pick out a few things for Christmas!”  We had breakfast around 9am and then headed home…to NAP!  It was so much fun!  Josh grabbed some Beatles socks, a record or two and a few other items he was hoping for.  I just can’t remember what they are…I’ll be surprised when I go to wrap.  🙂  Besides a few gift cards, we are DONE our shopping!  Woohoo!!!

Saturday I had my first craft show of the season.  It benefited a local church preschool program and there were so many amazing vendors there!!  I set up my jewelry and some of my wood signs and pictures.  I was pretty pleased with my sales, but I spent most of it on goods for myself.  LOL!  Lularoe, Posh, handmade banners, etc.  We have another craft market this Sunday and next at the Natural Foods store and then a big one on 12/15 at a local high school.  That one benefits a marching band, so you know I’m on that!!  I’ll always be a marching band mama!  I have a lot to work on this week to be ready for the shows!!  Here are a couple pictures from Saturday:

It was so nice to relax yesterday until it was time to take Josh back to school.  The house will be quiet (and clean!) again for the next 3 weeks until Winter break begins, but I will miss my boy so much!!!  We will see him on Saturday for his winter concert, though.

I’m starting another Arbonne 30 day cleanse from now until Christmas Eve today.  I did a lot of meal prep when I returned home from taking Josh.  Muffins, Turkey and vegetable soup, salad.  I feel so much better when I’m eating properly.  I have no regrets of the past weekend though.  I was still mindful of everything I ate.  Did I have a slice of pie?  yep, but just one.  Did I have a few sugar free Starbucks Latte’s?  Oh, yes I did and I enjoyed every sip…until the acid gave me an upset stomach.

Busy week ahead!  What’s on YOUR agenda??


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Another Long Weekend!

Good Morning!!  We had another long weekend full of wonderful times, and a little sadness.

Saturday was the Run for the Stripes for World NET Cancer Awareness.  Aaron and I were blessed to have his siblings join us for the walk!  It was cold, but still a nice time.  We followed up our exercise with a yummy breakfast at Sabrina’s Cafe in Philadelphia.

From there, we headed straight to West Chester to cheer on Josh in his first Fencing tournament.  It was really fun to watch and we learned a lot of new fencing terms!  My kid had a smile on his face all day!  College looks good on him.

Sunday I planned to work in my studio all day.  Making t-shirts, signs, etc for my upcoming shows.  I woke up to a text from my bestie that her mom was in the hospital.  Aaron and I offered to take the girls for the day to help out.  We picked them up, went to breakfast and then home to do some crafting.  Each girl designed her own shirt and then we cuddled up to watch “Gnome Alone.”  I love spending time with my sweet girls!!!

Yesterday, Aaron and I were both off to recognize Veteran’s Day.  We made breakfast together at home and then headed to the mall.  My iPhone x had another display issue, so they replaced the display for me.  Aaron and I walked around the mall for the hour and a half that they had it and did a little shopping.  Next was our weekly trip to the grocery store.  We had a nice day spent together.

Happy Veteran’s Day to all who have served and who are serving, including our grandfathers and my cousins.


Until next time!


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Bachelorette Party Shirts

One of the guests at my Open House on Saturday asked me to do her bachelorette party tshirts….for this weekend!  She had originally placed the order on Etsy last month, but the seller never got back to her and credited her account on Saturday morning.  You can imagine that left her in a tight spot!  I had to rush order the shirts, and then scramble to find the right vinyl for the bridal shirt, since my amazon order will be here tomorrow, but they came out great!  I have a very happy bride, who’s leaving for her bachelorette weekend tomorrow (even though she has NO idea where they are going).  Have fun, Ashley and Co!


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Busy, Busy long weekend!

Hello, friends! I had a busy long weekend!  Friday I spent the day making last minute jewelry and T-shirts for my first open house on Saturday!  I didn’t have the greatest turn out on Saturday, but it was still a great day.  I served turkey, black bean, sweet potato chili and white chicken chili, plus homemade hummus and guacamole with tons of fresh veggies for dipping!  The food was definitely a hit.  I wish I had taken pictures of the colorful display!

The merchandise was a hit too!  I was so excited to show the jewelry that I had been working on for months!


Plus the adorable t-shirts.  I actually received a couple of big orders, including a bachelorette party order for THIS Friday!  Now, if my vinyl would just deliver!  Here are some of the cute shirts I had on display.

I also made cute workout tanks, some bags and wooden signs!

I have FOUR more shows coming up!!  One on small business Saturday 11/24, Two weekends in a row at the Natural Foods store 12/2 and 12/9, and a HUGE band boosters Holiday Market on 12/15.  My amazing husband will be with me at all shows to help set up and sell my goods.  How did I get so lucky??  The next few weeks will be filled with making Christmas designs!!  I have tons of supplies on order!

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